I’ve just posted two new Marketing positions on LinkedIn, and wanted to describe them here.

Marketing Operations Manager

At MineralTree, we’re a lean Marketing and Sales team, and that means we rely on technology to punch above our weight. We’re looking for the right person to help us keep our data clean, improve workflows and processes, and help us move prospects through the funnel.

widget_apply_btnAbout You
Duplicate data bothers you. Smooth workflows and creative automated campaigns make you tick. You’re able to create repeatable processes to update salesforce.com records from other systems either via CSV uploads or via APIs. While that’s going on, you’re simultaneously backing up our WordPress sites, updating plugins, and making sure our email deliverability rate is as high as possible.


Content Marketing Manager

Blog Posts. Social. Buyer’s Guides. Webinars. Whitepapers. Website Pages. You see these simply as types of content to produce in order to reach our ultimate goal: educating people about the benefits of ditching paper checks and making better business payments. You may not be an Accounts Payable expert (I’m not), but you’re resourceful enough to ask the right questions, do the research, and can translate what you learn into compelling benefits, concise copy, and compelling offers. You have a strong belief in repurposing content, and you tie everything you write into our aggressive Sales and Marketing goals.

widget_apply_btnAbout You
Distilling complex ideas into clear, concise content is your specialty. You’re technical enough to understand how a product feature works, and you can understand why someone could benefit. You use that understanding to translate product-speak into simple, bold, and compelling content. You take ownership of your responsibilities and need little hands-on supervision, yet are never afraid to ask questions. You’re not shy. You’re constantly testing new ideas and aren’t afraid to fail. Water off a duck’s back.

More About MineralTree


Morning Startup Marketing Reads – 6/12/14

by Nathan W. Burke on June 12, 2014


Startup Funding

Marketing Data Startup Zaius Raises $6.3M From Matrix Partners  – Zaius wants to grab data from disparate sources to provide a better understanding of customers. (via BostInno)

Startup Culture

Startups Have Office Politics, Too - Think you’ll escape office politics by joining a startup? Think again. (via HBR)

Startup Branding

If Your Brand Promises Authenticity, You Better Deliver – What’s worse than being inauthentic? Promising authenticity without delivering. (via HBR)

Startup Ideas

Customer Complaints are a Lousy Source of Startup Ideas – Just because customers complain about something doesn’t make it a viable startup. (via HBR)

Content Marketing

The 3 Step Journey to a Remarkable Piece of Content – Go read this. (Via Copyblogger)


Startup Marketing Reads: 4/3/2014

by Nathan W. Burke on April 3, 2014



Clari, A Mobile-First Predictive Sales Tool, Comes Out Of Stealth With $6M From Sequoia - (via TechCrunch)

Lead Generation

The New Rules of Lead Generation Resemble the Old Rules, Somewhat – (via Entrepreneur)


4 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch (via Entrepreneur)

3 Marketing Truths– Learned the Hard Way (via Inc)

Your Audience Doesn’t Know What it Wants (via CopyBlogger)

How to Turn Bland Text into Sparkling Online Content (via CopyBlogger)


Here’s Exactly How To Form A Habit That Sticks (via Business Insider)

The Secrets Of Achieving Breakout Growth – (via Forbes)

Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know (via OnStartups)


How You Can Sell Like a Pro and Close More Deals (via Entrepreneur)


Daily Startup Marketing Reads: 4/1/2014

by Nathan W. Burke on April 1, 2014

I had to get my car inspected this afternoon, so I finally had time to fire up my RSS reader to read through today’s news stories. Though it may be April Fool’s, the articles I found were no joke.

Engagement and Conversion

WalkMe raises $11 Million to let you “walk” prospects through your website. Founded in Tel Aviv and based in San Francisco, the company offers “engagement optimization, contextual promotions, advanced cross-selling capabilities, and advanced analytics.” (via VentureBeat)

Boston’s Alignable Raises $4 Million to let Small Businesses Partner and Bundle - The online platform enables small businesses to partner up and market to each other’s customer bases through their email lists and social followings. (Via VentureBeat)

 Completely Preventable Ways You’re Sabotaging Landing Page Conversions – Conversion is hard enough. Don’t make it even more difficult. (via Hubspot)

3 Cutting-Edge Examples of Website Personalization Persona and interest-based personalization is the next big thing. And some people are doing it now. (via Hubspot)

Venture Capital

How You Know You’ve Got the Right Startup Model? (via Both Sides of the Table)


Startup Marketing and Branding

What Startups Need To Know About Branding – Mike always puts the importance of the brand in perspective. From the article:

“your brand is the world’s collective emotional response. It’s the envelope for your product’s rational benefits, the emotional value proposition that guides people toward or away from whatever it is you’re selling. And if you think it doesn’t matter, you don’t understand how people make decisions.”
(via Mike Troiano on VentureFizz)



Big Skinny Wallet: Marketing a Wallet Like Software

by Nathan W. Burke on March 8, 2014

The fact that I like orange isn’t a surprise. Anything in orange is better than anything in a different color.

So when I was in Staples today and saw a display of wallets, it caught my attention when I saw the orange one. But it was on the other side that made me write a blog post.

When we work on messaging in tech, we always want to position our products in a way that solves problems while differentiating from what’s already out there. And when I saw the back of the packaging for the Big Skinny Wallet, it really resonated.

The messaging points out the problems it solves, and made me believe in its promise. And the fact that it is made in Cambridge, Massachusetts sealed the deal.

Love it.


Interest Attrition

by Nathan W. Burke on November 22, 2013

Once in a while, a term will catch my eye that resonates. Something that so clearly describes that which has been so far indescribable. This week, on an otherwise standard slide, two words popped up that spoke to me:

Interest Attrition

As a Marketer, you work to drive interest in whatever it is that you offer the market. In the digital realm, you do this through demand generation campaigns that hopefully result in capturing interest. Nothing new there.

However, once someone has raised their digital hand to indicate interest, what do you do next? How long do you wait before responding to a lead?

Every moment you wait before following up with a lead can result in, you guessed it…..interest attrition.

InsideSales.com has great metrics on lead attrition here, but can be summed up in two images:


Solving for Interest Attrition

If you already have a shipping product that can be easily handed to interested leads (even with some degree of qualification), solving for interest attrition largely becomes a matter of fulfillment. What becomes interesting, however, is the case of a company that tries to generate demand prior to having a shipping product.

My favorite recent example is a company called Simple. Simple wants people to ditch their bank accounts in favor of a mobile-first non-bank that centers its offering around goal-setting. They give you a debit card, but there are no physical bank locations, and much of the interaction between the consumer and the bank happen through a mobile app.

Here’s how the interest flow works:

1. Ask for an invitation:

Simple is currently offered on an invitation-only basis. If you’re interested, you can sign up to get an invite whenever simple is ready for you. In invitation-based companies, this is the beginning of the interest attrition clock. You’re interested in their product/service, but you can’t have it yet. Every day that goes by without a response increases the probability that you’ve either forgotten who they are or you have solved the problem you were seeking a solution to.

2. Response for reminder and expectation setting:

In this step, simple sets my expectation of what’s next while reminding me why I signed up. I’ll hear back in a couple of weeks, but in the interim I should learn more about the product and follow them on their social accounts. And rather than sending this from a cold, sterile system account, the email comes from a person. Nice touch.

3. The invitation

It’s now time. I have an invite, and it has only been 4 days since I signed up. This email reframes why I signed up, the benefits I’ll get, and tells me why I should take action.

4. The no action follow-up

Although I received the invitation, I didn’t finish the application. Two days later, I received a reminder to let me know that it will only take a few minutes to finish what I’ve started. Clear and concise messaging.

5. Seriously, finish this

7 days after my last reminder, Simple sends me a message from their CEO and Co-founder, restating the company’s origin story, what it stands for, and what I’ll get if I finish my application.


Interest attrition happens any time a lead expresses interest without instant gratification. What is important is how you stay top-of-mind. I’ll be exploring this topic more in 2014, as some of what I’m doing now will serve as a good case study.


Great Marketing Interview Question

by Nathan W. Burke on October 15, 2013

We’ve been interviewing Marketing Manager candidates at MineralTree, and one of my colleagues came up with a great question. I’m not saying that he invented it, but using this question to interview someone that is looking for a startup marketing position is particularly insightful:

As a Marketer, what one word would you use to describe yourself to your audience?

Let that sink in for a second. Here’s why I like it so much:

  1. It is jarring – While any decent candidate has anticipated the most common interview questions, this one is different. Close to the standard “give me one word to describe yourself”, it is just different enough to make you think.
  2. It requires empathy – It makes the candidate put themselves in the shoes of their intended audience, and critiques their own projection.
  3. It is a test for concision – You have one word to describe the totality of your value to a faceless, unknown mass. Go.

The third item is what made me write this post. As one of the most difficult things in marketing is compressing complex ideas into dense, meaningful words, the person that is able to think quickly on their feet and deliver a good answer to a question like this truly stands out.

Had to share.


Product Review: SNUGG iPad Case

by Nathan W. Burke on October 2, 2013

A week ago or so I received an email from SNUGG, asking if I would review their iPad case on the blog. And while iPad cases don’t have an exact connection to startup marketing, I decided to give it a shot. I haven’t written anything lately and have been meaning to, so this was exactly the push I needed to start writing.

A few years ago when it was new, my wife bought me the iPad 2 for my birthday. I didn’t really know why I wanted it or what I would use it for, I just knew that I had to have it. At first I tried to use it as a device to create content and do work (blog post, emails, etc.), I soon realized that this was a device for consuming content rather than creating it.

But I’ve certainly found it useful and I love it. I download books, jot quick notes, and use it a lot for reading sites like reddit or techmeme.

One thing I don’t like is the cover. I opted to get the creamsicle orange cover (as anyone who knows me realizes I love the color orange), but there’s one problem: it gets really dirty looking:

I usually put the iPad into a bag that is filled with pens, so ink stains are common and look awful.

Two days ago, my new Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Orange Leather arrived.  Out of the box:

It’s very orange. I like the color a lot:

The Pros

Compared to the standard Apple folding cover, this is much more heavy duty, and it doesn’t fall off. I love the color, and it just feels more protective and could withstand a drop or two (I’m not testing that).

The Cons

Due to the added security and material, it makes the iPad a little bulky, but it still fits in my laptop bag.

Overall, I really like this case. Great color, a little added security, and it just feels much nicer than the Apple folding iPad color.


Startup Marketing Jobs: Marketing Manager, MineralTree

by Nathan W. Burke on September 20, 2013

Every now and then, I’ll post a job description here. This time it happens to be a job at MineralTree. I’m looking for someone to work with me to change the way small businesses make payments, and to revolutionize how banks market to their SMB customers. If you’re up to the challenge, let’s talk.

Marketing Manager, MineralTree

At MineralTree, we’re building software that changes the way small businesses pay their bills. MineralTree’s automated bill pay software helps business owners process, approve, and pay their bills online with a simple, secure, and mobile platform, giving them more time to focus on their business. Our employees solve problems that help our customers every day in a fun and fast-paced environment.

We are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts steps away from the Alewife T Station.

We’re looking for a creative Marketing Manager to join our small and tenacious marketing team. We’re a fast-paced startup, so if rolling up your sleeves, multitasking, and staying on top of multiple projects concurrently are what you look forward to in your work, we want to talk to you.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Writing – You are able to communicate effortlessly in emails, expertly in blog posts, and it shows. You don’t have to know every technical detail of our product, but you do have to grasp the fundamental concepts and be able to convey that in words.
  • Prospecting – Admittedly not the most glamorous of marketing tasks, but one that is critically important. You’ll find new potential customers, and will be able to plow through a list, qualify prospects, and load them into our CRM.
  • Events and PR Coordination - We’re doing several events and PR campaigns in 2013-14, and coordinating everything takes time and effort. From printing the right product sheets and shipping USB drives to booking hotels and meeting with press, there are endless tasks to complete. You’ll be asked to help out with some of the meeting logistics, and you don’t mind nagging people to get things done.
  • Marketing Operations – You’re disciplined enough to get things done. You’re able to work through our marketing systems (Salesforce.com, Marketo, WordPress, etc.) to manage the entire lead cycle.
  • Social – Our social channels need care and feeding. You are able to stay on top of industry news, post updates to our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages, and own the social channel.
  • Metrics – You will help to produce marketing metrics each week to show visitors, pipeline trends, ranked account acceleration, and other KPIs.
  • News – You’ll stay on top of news trends, and will share relevant items internally, and can turn news stories into blog posts and social announcements.


Must Have:

  • Marketing Experience in a Company – 1-3 years experience in a marketing department.
  • Passion for Making an Impact – You want your work to make a difference.
  • You are Ultra-organized and Self Disciplined – The term fast-paced startup isn’t just a cliché in this case. You’ll be bombarded from every angle with tasks, but that’s no big deal to you. Water off a duck’s back. Spreadsheets are your best friend.
  • You are Eager to Learn – We have a great team and are always willing to share what we know to help you learn. This isn’t a punch-in, sit around for 8 hours, punch-out kind of a gig.

Nice To Have:

  • Marketing experience within a software company
  • Use and Understanding of Salesforce.com, WordPress - It’s a plus if you know your way around a CRM, CMS, and have either used or understand the concept of a marketing automation product.
  • Design experience is a huge bonus. We’re always coming up with new ideas that need graphic work, and our designer is perpetually overbooked.

Please apply at jobs@mineraltree.com  (or email me personally at nathan dot burke at mineraltree.com)



We’ve just posted three jobs on the MineralTree site, and we’re looking to fill three positions in our Cambridge, MA headquarters (in walking distance from the Alewife T Station). If you or anyone you know would be a great fit for these positions, please let me know at nathan dot burke at the name of the company I just mentioned dot com.

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, you are passionate, and seek a rewarding and challenging career opportunity in a fast growing company. Working in our sales organization, you will be responsible for driving customer success.


  • Field general for named accounts, executing on strategic account plans, focused on ensuring successful sell-through growth within each account
  • Track, forecast and manage key account metrics
  • Assist with high severity requests or issue escalations as needed
  • Own central purview of bank-related communication and internal coordination within cross-functional teams


  • Proven track record with 4+ years of sales or account management experience selling technology products into banks
  • Proficient ability to communicate, present, demo solutions, and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent
  • Live within a commutable distance to MineralTree’s Cambridge, MA offices (in the greater Boston area). In addition, some limited travel is required

Benefits and Compensation

  • Competitive salary in line with experience, excellent benefits including stock options

Principal SSO Engineer

As a Principal Software Engineer at MineralTree, you are passionate and seek a rewarding and challenging career opportunity in a fast growing company.  You will be responsible for the design and development of a Single-Sign-On (SSO) subsystem for a cutting edge online payment system and work in a fun environment where you can make a significant impact.


  • Work with business and technical teams to analyze and convert business requirements into scalable, robust, and flexible designs
  • Design and develop reusable software components. Ensure that both design and implementation meets the company and industry standards and best practices.
  • Present technical design and approach to current and potential customers


  • A proven track record of building and delivering maintainable and scalable software with experience writing multi-threaded applications
  • Extensive Java J2EE programming experience
  • Proficient in web application security, user authentication and authorization and performance tuning server-side components
  • Experienced with application integrations and messaging middleware

 Benefits and Compensation

  • Competitive salary in line with experience, excellent benefits including stock options

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, you are passionate, and are seeking a challenging and rewarding career opportunity in a fast growing company.  You will have the opportunity to work directly with our bank partners and their small and medium size business customers to drive their success with our products.


  • Clearly and effectively communicate project scope to the partner
  • Develop and manage project plans, schedules, agreements and proposals to ensure timely completion of projects within budget
  • Perform and manage project research, analysis, documentation, design/development, testing, problem resolution, negotiations, training, status reporting, implementation, project closing and post-rollout review/audit, including all project deliverables
  • Develop and present project documentation and communication with all project stakeholders
  • Participate and lead project management process improvement and best practice assignments 

Required Skills and Experience

  • Proven track record with 5+ years experience with treasury, banking and payments products
  • Technically proficient with working knowledge of software development, software development life cycle, data center operations
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Benefits and Compensation

  • Competitive salary in line with experience, excellent benefits including stock options