Pre-Order The Secret B2B Marketing Playbook

by Nathan W. Burke on August 15, 2015

You may have noticed the image on the right. I’ve finally decided to dedicate the time to write the missing manual to B2B Marketing I wish I had years ago.

From the description:

Most eBooks about B2B Marketing are a level up from actionable. They do a decent job of covering the philosophy behind B2B Marketing, but provide little advise on what you can do now to put theory into action. The most you can come away with is an understanding of what can be done, but nothing about what should be done and why.

This book is intended to be the manual sitting on your desk on your first day as the head of Marketing at a brand new company. It is full of strategies and tactics you can put to use immediately to create your Marketing machine.

I’ve set the release date for March 14th and the price is $10. At over 100 pages, that’s only ten cents per page!

Pre-order the book here on Gumroad, and you’ll only be charged when the book is available.


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