Join The Boston-Area B2B Startup Marketing Meetup

by Nathan W. Burke on December 6, 2012

Time for a new meetup group.

Once upon a time, I ran the Boston-Area Startup Marketing Meetup. It grew to over 300 members, but somehow the group disappeared. I tried halfheartedly to get meetup to reinstate the group, but had no luck.

So I’m starting over from scratch. The idea is simple, and started from me asking the following questions:

  • What are other startup marketers seeing for email open rates for newsletters?
  • What tactics are others using that are working to generate quality, targeted leads?
  • I get 90% junk leads when running display ads, but others must be doing a lot better. How?

The Boston-area is flooded with startups facing the same challenges, so why not get together once a quarter (to start) to share ideas and talk shop?

So I just restarted the meetup. And I’ve tentatively scheduled 1/16/13 as the date for our first meetup, and the location as Waltham (all subject to change, of course).

If you’re a startup marketer in the Boston-area, make sure to sign up for the group. We can all benefit from each other.


(Hat tip to Jay Neeley, who has a great list of Boston-area startups)

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