SEO In The Real World

by Nathan W. Burke on June 22, 2009

You know you may have a problem when you see something when driving and think “Wow. That’s a good example of search engine optimization.” You are certain that you have a problem when you then take a photo of said location and blog about it.

The photo:

I apologize for the quality of the image. It was rainy, I was using my iPhone and I was in a moving car. Not the optimal conditions.

I saw the location as a web site, and the entrance you see here is their home page. The other entrance is right by the white car you can see underneath the sign. That’s a landing page.

Here’s what we see on the home page:

  1. Vegetables Flowers and Plants– This is their page headline, and they’re using an <H1> tag around it.
  2. Northshore Flower Exchange– This is their page title and the name of the site
  3. Plants and Flowers– This is their subheadline. They believe that the majority of people searching for what they offer use the words “Vegetables flowers & plants”, but know that some people search for just “plants and flowers”, leaving out vegetables all together.

On the landing page they have the same sign as #1. It feels like a landing page, as you can’t actually get into the parking lot there. You have to follow the call to action and drive around to get in. I’m reasonably certain that if they had a third road-facing side, they would have another large sign that says “Plants and Flowers”. You know, for A/B testing purposes.

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