FastPitch Networking Robocall- What Do You Think?

by Nathan W. Burke on December 3, 2008

So, here’s the situation. I was plowing through emails this morning and had an email from FastPitch Networking. Here’s what it said:

All right. No big deal, right? You get stuff like this all the time, no? But then…….

My phone rings. I answer it.

“Hi this is Bob Poole from FastPitch Networking…..”

Wait, does Bob somehow know that I’m looking at the email at that moment? That was kinda weird.

Rather than Bob actually calling me, it was a prerecorded robocall from FastPitch Networking. The call basically reiterated the same information from the email, then let me know that if I had any questions, I could find the answers on the web site.

I looked back at their site, and noticed that a phone number is required to sign up for the service, but I didn’t see anything in the privacy policy about them calling you (though it didn’t say they wouldn’t either!).

So, I was just wondering:

  • Is this a successful strategy? I mean, I understand how effective a phone call to a prospect can be, but is a robocall effective?
  • Has anyone else tried this technique?
  • How would you feel if a service you use (twitter, facebook, etc) robocalled you to encourage you to check out new features?

I’m not annoyed or mad, nor do I necessarily think this was a bad thing. Instead, it’s just something I’ve never heard of before and I’m curious to see what others have experienced.

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