MarketingProfs B-to-B Forum Session 3: Website Development & Analytics: Building the Optimal Website That Delivers Business Results

by Nathan W. Burke on June 8, 2009

I just missed the keynote address from Steven Johnson on “The New Models of Innovation”, and it sounds like I really missed a good one. I had to run to the car and feed the meter, and decided to just put it in the garage. Dumb move. I should have stuck around, as Johnson is the guy that wrote the cover story on Twitter for Time magazine, and his talk addressed the new models of innovation and idea sharing that are starting to appear on Facebook and Twitter. Looking at the twitter stream during his talk, he drew analogies from 18th century ale houses and the like, and I’m a sucker for putting modern technologies in a historical context. Wish I saw that.

Anyway, I just changed my mind and decided to check out the panel entitled “Website Development & Analytics: Building the Optimal Website That Delivers Business Results”. Here’s what the description says:

B2B Companies need their websites to be their first sales call and their lead nurturing system. In part one of this two-part session, we will show you how to get your brand positioning front and center on your site, while also creating a navigation and content structure that moves buyers and influencers through their decision process and become qualified leads. We’ll show you examples of several website renovation projects with different challenges where all necessary components of a new web site were built in from the beginning- SEO, analytics, and set up to guide continuous improvement of customer experience and engagement.

You will learn:

  • About templates for defining your visitors needs and motivations more clearly
  • Techniques to architect navigation structures, content, interactive tools and conversion offers to support the buying cycle
  • Considerations for choosing CMS, search platforms, and social media tools

Karen Breen Vogel, CEO/President, ClearGauge
Mike Tittel, Director of Interactive, Gyro:HSR

At my current job, we’ve just planned out our next 4-5 months, and moving out of stealth mode to a new CMS, a lead scoring and nurturing system, and signing up users are going to be the focus (at least on my end). Since we’re still in the process of deploying our new CMS and integrating with things like, Hubspot, and Google Analytics, I’m hoping this presentation will give me some new ideas and questions to ask about our decisions moving forward.

A good b-to-b web site should be just like a consultative sales call.

One of the biggest problems of b-to-b sites is that the home page does not provide evidence that user goals can be completed.

A b2b site must

  • Satisfy Users and their goals
  • Support Business Objectives
  • Deliver Brand Experience

To satisfy these requirements, sites must:

  • Be usable
  • Be Relevant
  • Map Engagement to the Purchase Decision Lifecycle
  • Be Constantly Measured and Improved
  • Clearly Differentiate Your Brand
  • Be Trustworthy

Looks like my battery is going to die. I’ll try to update this later.

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