Marketing Profs B-to-B Forum 2009

by Nathan W. Burke on June 8, 2009

Happy Monday.

The good people over at MarketingProfs were kind enough to give yours truly a press pass for the 2009 Marketing Profs Business-to-Business Forum here in Boston. So I’ll be checking out all the sessions today and will be covering them on a few of my blogs:,, and

The sessions I think I’ll be checking out:

9:00 am- 10:15 am- Bringing SEO In-House Without Missing a Beat

10:15- I’ll be running out to my car to feed the meter so I don’t get a ticket (fingers crossed)

10:45- 12:00- Developing Robust Online Content To Keep Prospects and Customers Engaged

1:45- 3:00- Make Every Investment Count: The Measure of Marketing

3:30-4:45- Putting Measurements into Action to Improve Leads, Conversions and ROI

After that, looks like there’s a cocktail thing and a dinner, which should be excellent.

I’ve decided to shy away from the Social Media types of sessions, as I’ve been to LOTS of them lately.  So, if you’re here, be sure to say hello.

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