Sponty- Be Hangoutable

by Nathan W. Burke on December 8, 2008

For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with a super-secret ultra stealth, invite-only beta called sponty. The quick pitch:

Sponty’s mission is to make you and your friends hangoutable.

It’s a Tuesday evening. You want to go to the movies. Of course, you’d rather go to the movies with your friends. You can pick up your phone and start calling friends one after the other; but you don’t know who is out of town, and who has homework to do.

Sponty takes the hassle out of putting together casual social events. It lets you broadcast your hangoutable intentions, so that your friends can see what you’re up to and join you.

Similarly, Sponty shows you if your friends are hanging out so that you may join them.

In short, sponty is all about making yourself “hangoutable”. 

The UI is incredibly clean and simple, and the guys behind sponty have been militant in their “do one thing and do it well” philosophy. You can use sponty to tell people about opportunities to get together. That’s what they do, and they keep it incredibly simple.

Despite its simplicity, sponty has some great practical uses:

  • Bands could use sponty to let fans know about special events, album releases, concerts, etc.
  • Student organizations can use sponty to keep members up to date on meetings
  • People new to a city can find new friends and meet new people

Where services like meetup, going, etc. are more event focused, sponty is great for the “social non-planner”. It’s good for the kind of people that have some free time and want to get together with people. 

Like I mentioned, the service is still very beta. The guys behind the service are much more interested in growing the service organically, so you’re probably not going to find your friends on the service yet. But I have a handful of invites if you’re interested in checking out sponty. You’ll need a google account (that’s what they’re using for authentication), but if you join via this link, you’ll have a sponty account, and you’ll be able to invite 5 friends.

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